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If you live around Smithfield, you may have read the story about the church youth coordinator who was arrested for raping a minor.Michael Jansco, 24, met the minor (a 15-year-old) while on a youth pilgrimage. At the time, Jansco told police that he was 18, but a background check revealed his actual age.So far, there are no signs that they plan to move it out of committee — worrying advocates for sexual assault victims who say the law is working against protecting them.Related: Victims Describe Partners Removing Condoms During Sex Without Consent "To me, it's obvious the law needs to change," Raleigh attorney Kristopher Hilscher told NBC News."In another state, it would have been a rape charge," Hilscher added."From our perspective, she was the victim of the law after she was the victim of a violent crime." Senate Bill 553 specifically pertains to "vaginal intercourse" and essentially gives the power of consent back to the woman after sex is initiated, said the bill's sponsor.“You’ve been sued.”Welcome to the land of criminal conversation and alienation of affections.Those two causes of action—or grounds to sue a person--have been abolished in most states, however North Carolina is one of a handful of states that still allow jilted spouses to sue the paramours of their mates for criminal conversation and alienation of affections.

Prosecutors initially charged him with second-degree rape, but that was lowered to misdemeanor assault under state law. Hilscher said Guy's husband could have seen an estimated four or five years in prison if found guilty on the rape charge, but is now serving a 10-month sentence and could be out as soon as the fall.

If you go to a Title X clinic, your appointment will be completely confidential, including your billing and your records.

Title X clinics provide sexual and reproductive health care to the public (girls, boys, teens and adults).

Technically, the suit is not “criminal,” nor is one brought based on “conversation” alone.

A spouse has a legal right to enjoy the service and companionship of a mate, and if you steal that away—so to speak—the spouse can sue you for damages.

North carolina laws about dating