Nike plus not updating

Despite a tagline claiming the new version was made "for runners, by runners," many old Nike users are livid with the sudden switch and the loss of functionality and features that made Nike Running feel so vital.As a result, the new Nike Run Club app has plummeted to a 2-star review average among i Phone users; that's actually up from the 1.5-star rating it showed immediately after the redesign.With curvy model icons like Ashley Graham and Jordan Dunn representing the brand, it’s hard to resist purchasing some of Addition Elle’s gear.

Known as “i Tunes Ping” it was a second-rate Facebook knockoff bolted onto the already bloated i Tunes desktop app.

It appears that the runs from the new Nike Run Club app aren’t made available through the Nike API. Between the recent changes to the Nike website and the new changes to the app we’re hearing a lot of negative feedback, and I’m not sure what the fallout will be.

Right now, we’re not sure what we can do to get them. If anyone uses any apps that successfully get data from the new app, please give us a heads up.

All hell broke loose last week when Nike relaunched its much loved Nike Running app with a new offering called “Nike Run Club.” Plagued with bugs, sluggish performance and missing features, this update has infuriated some of Nike’s most loyal users, including me.

Nike Running used to have an impressive 4.5 star rating on the App Store.