Dating alvarez acoustic guitars

We stock several models and sizes (travel, folk, little jumbo and dreadnaught) from the Regent and Artist series, starting at 9.

Many of these guitars come with a gig bag, and they are all backed by a lifetime warrantee.

For instance: Definitive historical information about Madeira by Guild is scarce.

Especially in regards to original materials with printed dates, etc…Madeira Man on collectorsweekly claims he bought his Madeira in 1970.

The RD266SCESB is great-sounding dreadnought with a road-worthy, vintage vibe.

The satin sunburst finish over mahogany gives it a great look.

These are our ‘go-to’ acoustic guitar recommendation for all of our acoustic guitar and classical guitar students.

Come visit one of our studios, sit down and play one to see for yourself why we have named 3 of them the Best Acoustic Guitars for Under 0.

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Guitars we stock at Mason Music in Birmingham, AL (click to see what is available in our online store): We now have Alvarez Ukuleles available for sale at each of our studios in Birmingham! These guitars feel right and are exciting to play and responsive.Dig in and they shout right back at you, treat them gently and they whisper warmly and respond instantly to the lightest strum or pick.It is fitted with the Alvarez SYS250 from B-Band, a three-band EQ with onboard digital backlit tuner.The Alvarez Regent Series is a high-quality entry-level guitar line designed to provide superior instruments with many features and specifications you’ll find in pro-level Alvarez models.