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"I think mentally we’re just so ready and excited to debut this record for people who have been following us for 10 years now," he says.

"It’s a cool feeling to be able to share some new songs." And the Rejects are musically ready to play the new material.

A pop punk band of Stillwater, Oklahoma based, The All-American Rejects were originally formed by Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler who discovered that both of them shared profound interest in music when they got to know each other during their high school years.

Looking for additional players in their newly established project, these two gifted young guys eventually picked Mike Kennerty to be the group's guitarist and Chris Gaylor to replace drummer Tim Campbell, making the band's formation fixed as a quartet.

the record documents the band's relocation to L. "A lot of this record is just Polaroids, going through this downward spiral of moving to Los Angeles and getting lost in a little bit of excess and this lifestyle that can easily be bought into," he says.

As an example, the album's lead single, "Beekeeper's Daughter," comes from the experience of trying to date in L. "It’s just this insensitive guy who’s built up this tortoise shell of Kevlar to the fact that this town is sort of pinched him and made him bitter," he says.

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