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I remember it took me years to realize that there were resources available to improve my dating life. Whether you're in a dating slump, in a relationship you're not too sure about or coming off a long-term relationship, these messages will help you navigate the waters you're entering.And even when I became aware of all those resources, I wasn't quite sure where to start or what to do first. Luckily, you ladies have already decided to invest in The Tao of Dating.Is there time for love within a high-powered career? Ancient Wisdom Modern Science = lasting love happiness for successful women like yourself.  This is a heart-centered, science-based, practical guide to finding fulfillment in your love lives and far beyond, all through a series of small, simple steps that put the fun back in dating.And nowadays, lots of guys are less educated and affluent than you. Join the tens of thousands of women who who have transformed their lives with : *The dilemma of the career-oriented woman *How to embrace your inner goddess *Why men are so damn horny *Why you need to kill the prince *The perfect guy vs./dp/0977984575/ 由于订阅的newsletter里面有每章的节选,每星期一节课,就粘在这里,给英语好的姐妹,以及愿意用google translate的姐妹看看,道理很有意思,非常推荐~感觉到了25课后面就没有了。 Lesson 1: The Guided Lessons REQUIRED TIME: 7 minutes Have you started reading your book yet? And if not, no worries - this message gets you started.

In the beginning of a relationship, when you start dating, the self-enhancement motive is dominant.Too many self-help books are bought with a lot of initial enthusiasm, and then gather dust (or e-dust) on someone's bookshelf or hard drive.And I'm not going to let that happen with The Tao of Dating. With each of these emails, first I'm going to remind you of a part of the book that you've read (or should read).FM: The common perception is that when females say they go to Harvard, they are written off, whereas men are considered more attractive. AB: As a man who went to Harvard, I can tell you it didn’t do a hell of a lot for my dating life.Generally, the H-bomb, when it’s dropped, tends to change the interaction in some way. If somebody disqualifies himself from the outset based on that, he probably wasn’t going to be a good choice in the first place. I always say, Cambridge: surly people, inedible food, crappy weather, best year of my life. FM: What is the most rewarding aspect of helping people with relationships?