Green card dating websites

The women usually walks out of the marriage with a green card and a divorce settlement.

It is not unusual for such women to clean out the husband's bank account of savings, and his house of valuables before all the legal procedures are over.

Maria deposited the check and sent the money, but was soon contacted by her bank, which told her the check was bad and she had to repay the ,500.

On top of losing her money, the fake “Andrew” disappeared, and Maria never heard from him again. The scammer may use photos from magazines and portray himself or herself as talented and successful. citizen working or serving abroad, or give a similar excuse to explain their inability to meet in person.

Dating sites are rampant with trollers, scammers, spammers and freaks. If you never hear from them again, you avoided a scam.

"I just had to laugh,my only answer was;"why don't you just buy the ticket,come down here,and I'll give you the money back whenyou get here in canada!

"needless to say,she never wrote me back,after 4 months of writting each other, I found out quick how cons work!

The The Green Card Hunters were mentioned there briefly. This is the most dangerous kind of dating scam that women from Eastern Europe (as well as women from Asia) can potentially use on Western men. Usually, some physical, sexual, or mental abuse has to be proven, so in the absence of actual abuse these women can get creative in fabricating the evidence of abuse.

However, the problem of CGHs is of much bigger concern to us than the problem of the usual visa and tickets scammers we all know about. This type of scammer is mainly after a possibility of an easy immigration into a highly desired country, like U. Sometimes these women even coach their children to claim sexual abuse at the hands of their new Western dad.