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The BEST advice I was ever given by my music history teacher was this: "Worship the music, not the musician! Third, you can't even sing your own songs anymore from all the drugs.

" This is not to say that you can't do both BUT, to dismiss a song based on your hatred of the artist is to limit yourself and miss out on some cool grooves!

Liam Payne met the Queen and Prince Harry at the Buckingham Palace Young Leaders Awards.

Joining the likes of Mo Farah, Anita Rani and Caspar Lee, the former One Direction member somehow had his honorable moment overshadowed by... Yep, fans couldn't get over the fact that Liam looked like a long-lost brother of Harry Potter with those specs.

Basic guys dreaming of dating Malia Obama can take a seat ...

the former First Daughter looks to have a suitor who is anything but basic.

In fact, according to Cole Sprouse, the twists and turns are only just beginning and he's warned fans that they might need to prepare for the lovable Jughead - and more of the cast - to go dark next series.

We just do it, we are just constantly watch TV and talking sh--. Julie was on a TV show called and I went with a friend who was on that show, too.Alright, for all you who lack knowledge (either due to your age or unwillingness to be "enlightened" by anyone who disagrees with you,) here are some facts: Musicians, not unlike poets, pour out their experiences on paper by way of lyrics. For DECADES, song writers have expressed their sentiments (pain, joy, love) via lyrics or poetry. Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Paul Mc Cartney, Eminem, Elton John, Sting, Bono, John Lennon, etc. your white so you probably cant find the R and the heart ache of the song makes up the B... anyway, i'd also like to confirm that Justin and Alyssa DID date the only rumor is that he was with Janet Jackson. When I first heard this song, I was amazed...i kept on listening to it. He told the next day he was sorry about hurting me. or any other artist is immature for writing this song is to say that ALL poets, musicians and writers are immature as well. and YES this is repetitive but like the guy said, break ups are that way and lest we forget, when you want your child to get the message, what do you do? if your the same peopel who are saying "rap is ruining or nation cuz rappers are bad role models" then you probably say it once and then go off to leave your tv to raise your kids... and i dont like justin or britcould in just say to grachen that if she loves him so much try spelling his name right. Why ask for someone back when the damage is already done? I let him borrow the cd and after listening to it he cried about it. Last night, we were in this hotel room and we were literally watching and just doing what we do watching the show. Brandy: We met in 2008, on a Rosie O'Donnell cruise, the Family Cruise. That’s what is surreal—that anyone is watching us watch TV together because we do it all the time anyway.